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Ji-Eun Jeong

Office: Room #625, Asan Science Bldg.

Tel: 82-2-3290-3828



❂ Design and spectroscopic study of conjugated molecule-based probe platform. 
  - Target-specific fluorescent and Raman-active polymer dots. 
  - Improvement and fine-tuning of chemo- and bio-sensor properties.
  - Improvement of charge transport and stability of perovskite quantum dot via ligand exchange.

Ambika Pathak

Office: Room #625, Asan Science Bldg.

Tel: 82-2-3290-3828


Synthesis of organic conjugated molecules for thermoelectricity and  for application to thermoelectric devices.

Design and synthesis of organic conjugated molecules for organic electronic applications such as Organic Light Emitting Diode(OLEDs).

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